A List of active Micro-VC firms

Over the last few years, our team has spent a ton of time tracking the growth of institutional seed funds, often called Micro-VC’s. As industry data recently revealed, despite the recent market retraction within the venture ecosystem, and specifically within seed, the growth of the sector hasn’t slowed at all.

In an effort to keep a running list of firms, I’m posting a link to our current tracking list of Micro-VC firms here. Given the velocity of new firm formation over the last 12 months, I know we’re likely missing 10–20% of the market, and would welcome anyone to provide names that aren’t captured here.

The goal over the next few weeks is to have a comprehensive list of active institutional seed funds, and in an effort to be useful to entrepreneurs, we’ll be adding detail around investment thesis, geography, and primary investment partners.

As a refresher, we’re viewing Micro-VC as:

  • Firms that have not (publicly) raised a fund over $100MM — this is why firms like Data Collective, Felicis, Amplify, and Softtech no longer show on the list.
  • Have a primary investment focus of pre-seed/seed (i.e. not firms focused on the $4MM Post-seed that’s really a Series A round).

Look forward to hearing from all of you!

VC/tech advisor, venture blogger, active angel investor, banker

VC/tech advisor, venture blogger, active angel investor, banker