Introducing the Venture Unlocked podcast

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Up until near the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), the venture capital asset class was more or less monolithic, with firms sharing similar attributes on partnership composition, stage and sector focus, and fund sizes.

Post GFC however, the industry has greatly evolved be distinctly fragmented with several varieties of funding sources and models. Today, traditional seed funds, solo-capitalists, sector-specific funds, studio and incubator models, rolling funds, family office, and platform VC firms all drive capital to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Encouragingly, the type of managers funding companies today are much more diverse than ever (albeit there is a long way to go until we reach healthy, let alone, optimal levels of capital provider diversity).

Over the last decade, our mission has been centered on helping accelerate the evolving capital ecosystem for entrepreneurs by assisting emerging managers in the forming, growing, and scaling of their franchises — — We are fortunate to now be working with over 500 emerging managers, and especially thank all of those that have supported us so graciously over the years. As the process of starting and scaling a venture firm is fairly opaque, we’ve spent thousands of hours with entrepreneurs, VC’s,limited partners, and service providers to help offer insights into the art and science of building a durable venture firm.

Although I’ve written about many of my observations through blog posts (gleaned from both my own observations and the collective views of the individuals we speak to), I am in process of launching the Venture Unlocked Podcast to bring forth the candid insights of the best and brightest people in the venture industry in an effort to serve as the ongoing playbook for current and aspiring venture capitalists.

The podcast will go in detail in covering a series of topics such as fundraising from LPs, portfolio construction and management, building brand and culture, creating systemic value moats, developing strong infrastructure and governance, and highlighting new models.

Drawing from and highlighting diversity will be a key theme of the podcast, as we believe that diversity of thought is truly required for the best outcomes to occur consistently. As such, I’ll be focused on this as it relates to guest composition.

I’ll be starting recording later this month, and expect to have the first episodes launched next month. I already have an amazing lineup of guests that I’m excited to speak to about the venture industry.

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