We’re hiring a Venture Fund Associate!

samir kaji
2 min readMay 20, 2021

It’s now been a full three months since I left the corporate world to launch Allocate.co with a fantastic group of partners.

A lot has happened in the early days, and we are excited to unveil what we are up to shortly, but first, we are thrilled to announce the open position of venture fund associate!

The company:

Founded in February 2021 and backed by institutional early-stage investors and industry insiders, we are a turnkey platform that eliminates the guesswork and friction of venture fund investing. Allocates offers a premium digital end-to-end experience that enables the entire process of allocating to fund managers while consistently providing access to the highest quality and most relevant venture fund products.

With nearly 50 years of venture capital advising and investing experience, the Allocate team has worked closely with over 1,300 fund managers and limited partners over the past two decades. Before launching Allocate, the team previously had tenures at SVB Financial Group, SVB Capital, First Republic Bank, Kauffman Fellows, Fairview capital, CircleUp, and Vistaprint.

The role:

We are searching for a full-time Venture Associate. This position offers an exciting opportunity for someone who loves to work with venture fund managers, is analytical at heart, and truly has a passion for all aspects of venture capital.

Specifically, the Allocate venture associate role shall work on all components of fund manager due diligence, market research, development, and presentation of thought leadership reports and assist the broader Allocate team on various platform building activities. The ideal candidate shares our ethos of humility, extreme client service, hustle, and genuinely cares to provide lift to all parties of the venture ecosystem.

Full position details are listed here.

To express interest email Careers@allocate.co and please attach your resume or digital bio (LinkedIn, other).



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